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Nanpao Glue

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Nanpao Glue

Nanpao 168 Uses

Nanpao 168 is non-nail glue and has straw color appearance. It can be used in most common construction materials. Such us timber, plywood, MDF, particle board, hard board, plaster board, cementations fibrous board, concrete, ceramic, aluminum, mild steel, galvanized iron sheet, mirror installation.


  • ü Low oder
  • ü No oozing
  • ü Easy to extrude at -15oC
  • ü Good heat resistance
  • ü Able to paint after drying

Uses of Nanpao 123 & Nanpao 105

Nanpao 123 is watery type of glue and Nanpao 105 is stickier than Nanpao 123. Both of them are commonly used in furniture, laminate and various types of plywood.


To withstand for bad weather conditions and bending especially

Able to resist heat and cold

Has sticky strength for long time

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